At Africa Seven we are proud to present the third in our series of Manu Dibango re-issues. For your delight this time is 'Home Made', a 4 tracker of epic African musicianship. Recorded in 1979 the albums bedrock of Rhythms was recorded in Nigeria. This creates an infectious and addictive afrobeat groove for the album. Overdubs and mix downs were then carried out in Paris adding layers of sheen and expansive jazz groove. As the sleeve notes themselves note 'This album is dedicated to all brothers for a better vibration'.

"Manu Dibango is a restless spirit and refuses to rest on his considerable laurels. His new album made in Nigeria is here to prove that Manu is now making an important turning point in his career. His inner curiosity which demands investigations continues to stretch barriers and break new grounds. As he likes saying: 'Communication is the key'.

He is probably one of the most sophisticated of the African musicians; and also one of those who have really made it in the international music scene. He's certainly gone places, but thinks there's nothing left to do but bring the music back to where it belongs.

His recent tour of Nigeria is a revelation. It was his first appearance in this great African nation, where he performed and recorded with local musicians.

Africa has been torn into pieces; but the experience has proved that the people are still there. No matter what language they speak.

This album is dedicated to all brothers for a better vibration.

- Louise Edimo.

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